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Thanksgiving Pies

In order to say “thanks” to our great teachers and staff, we give each one a pie to take home for Thanksgiving. Parents can donate a homemade pie or order one from a local bakery to donate. 
2016 Pie Drive
This year's pie drive was another delicious success. You donated 180 pies to cover every CHS staff member and our portion of BISD Admin staff (which was 18 pies this year). Pies were dropped off at the circle and in the office and were managed by our amazing volunteers as well as the Student Council. Student Council also delivered the pies to their hard working recipients.

A hearty THANK YOU to all who donated, volunteered, baked, shopped, and delivered to show our amazing school and school district employees how much they are appreciated.

How the Pie Drive works...
Pies are donated by our generous CHS families and distributed to the staff the last day of school before Thanksgiving. We need approximately 180 pies! If you would like to bring one or more pies, check back here for our link to sign up please: 

Pies can be any flavor that does not require refrigeration. They can be home baked, store bought, or ordered from Bumdoodler’s and we will pick them up for you!

To order a pie from Bum’s - please do the following: (Deadlines for ordering will be provided each year) 
1. Call Bum’s at 830-249-8826 and tell them you are ordering a “Charger/CHS pie”. Available pies include:
  • Pumpkin
  • Cherry, Apple, Pecan
  • Sugar-free Apple or Cherry

2. Use the SignUp Genius link (provided each year) to let us know how many pies you ordered. 

3. You’re done! We will pick up your pie on the designated date and take it to CHS for you!

Other pies should be brought to the CHS drop-off circle. For your convenience, there are volunteers in the drop-off circle to collect the pies so you don’t even need to get out of the car!