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Teacher Spotlight

We have incredible teachers and staff members at Champion!
This PTO committee recognizes those who go above and beyond, based on recommendations from our students.

We appreciate donations of $25 gift cards to help award our tremendous staff and teachers. If you have a favorite restaurant, coffee shop, boutique store, or even HEB, we'll take it with gratitude for our amazing parents! 

Sample of 2016-2017 Winners

Nurse Moreno was awarded the October Staff Spotlight for being the amazing person that she is. She worked to get CareDox up and running and works tirelessly to help keep us all healthy and happy. Thank you Nurse Moreno for all you do!

Congratulations to Mrs. McClung - September's Spotlight Winner! She is commonly described as "fabulous", "dedicated", and "caring". Thank you Mrs. McClung for providing your students with so much more than a basic education!