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CHAMPS for Clubs/Organizations

We are so excited about the opportunity for you to earn money by staffing shifts in the CHAMPS School Store!!  We hope you will find this partnership between CHS PTO and your club or organization to be a win-win situation.  Below you will find all the details and instructions.  

What's the Deal?
You will need to commit to a schedule where you will work either the lunch shifts or after school on your designated day.  Your commitment can be once a week, once a month, twice a month, etc., and you will be required to provide two people to staff each shift for which you commit.  At least one of those people must be an adult (but this adult does not have to be you - remember, each of your students has parents who can work, too).  I will, however, offer that you will be able to communicate with your parents and students better about this if you have worked a shift yourself, and the kids do love seeing you outside of the classroom.  Students are allowed to work (and can receive community service hours), but only if there is also an adult signed up.  It is VERY IMPORTANT that you have volunteers for EVERY shift in your commitment because those shifts will be removed from our regular volunteer schedule.  You are responsible for staffing those shifts!

For each shift that you work, your club/organization will receive 50% of the net profits from your shift (the other 50% stays with the PTO to be split with the school).  The net profits will be calculated based on the average profit margin for the store, calculated by CHS PTO.  This percentage of profits pay structure provides the opportunity for your club to earn more than a fixed amount if sales during your shift are higher, but protects the PTO from losses associated with a slow shift.  Encouraging all your members and their friends to shop at the store when you work can improve your sales and consequently your earnings.  Sales information will be tallied at the close of each shift, and earnings will be settled once a month for shifts worked during the preceding month.  

Instructions will be posted in the store, emailed to all volunteers, and one of our experienced staffers will be happy to attend one of your meetings to give a presentation about what to do when you work in the store.  We will arrange for an experienced person to work with someone the first time to help show them the ropes if you give us some notice when a new person is working.  

Sign up Now!
If you would like to commit to a shift, please click on the following link and fill out the requested information.

You will receive an email from me once your club has been added to our schedule (usually within 24 hours), and your volunteers can then go to our signup page to sign up for shifts.  It will be imperative that they sign up on our signup page so that they will receive reminder emails and instructions, and we will know how to contact them before or during a shift if something comes up.  The store is open during both lunch periods and after school every day beginning after Labor Day.  

We are looking forward to a great year in the store and appreciate your help with staffing.  With nearly 500 shifts needing two or more people to work, it takes a whole lot of people to keep the store open all year long!  Your assistance will help us keep the store open and available for the students.  Please don't ever hesitate to contact me if there is something we can do to make this experience more beneficial for us both. Thanks in advance!

Denise Ellis